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...which doubles as a language services page: I offer translations from English to German and vice-versa, proofreading and editing (whether literary or scholarly texts, BA/MA/PhD theses, applications and letters, technical documents - just ask me), and ESL training on all levels. If you need help with the German language, we can also work out a conversation or grammar course. Just contact me via Email or phone (address at the bottom of the page).


Here is an interview in English, by the way. Might give you an idea of who I am.

Planned Books:

Apart from my dissertation, my published books so far are in German, but I have been experimenting with writing fiction in English for a while now. The idea is that my novel Sex, Time Travel, and Rock'n'Roll will be translated and published in English some day. The only obstacle is making time to do that. The German version was self-published in E-Book and paperback format in the summer of 2012, and then re-published in June, 2014, by Amrûn publishing, just in time for the festival season... 


...and there's a reason for that, as the book is set half in the festival scene of present-day central Europe - and half in medieval Finland. How does that sound?!


Here is the awesome new cover and a translation of the book blurb:

Summer Symphony Cover


Time travel is only the beginning of her Summer of Love...


From present-day Germany to the Viking age and back – Louise travels through time when she listens to the music of the Finnish band Lumiukko for the very first time. From then on, the same magical journey happens over and over, until she decides to find out who those musical wizards are. During a hot and endless summer, she follows the band from gig to gig, coming dangerously close. The mystery remains: Why do today's cello rockers look exactly like the men of 1000 years ago? Who is behind the sabotage attacks that keep happening? Can Louise learn to travel through time by her own magic?


Roadmovie and Historical, diary of a festival season and conspiracy mystery, crazy adventure and an ode to the power of music - a wild trip with sex, time travel and rock'n'roll.

I have some other ideas for novels in English that I am toying around with - stay tuned, I will keep you posted, here and on my Facebook page! Until then, here's a short story by my alter ego, Gloria Steinbeck ...